We get it. People want to know more about their food and what’s in it – and this applies to their beverages. From sweeteners to preservatives to ingredients produced from genetically engineered crops (or GMOs), people want to know what’s safe and what isn’t.

At The Coca-Cola Company, the safety and quality of our ingredients and products matters. We’ve been committed to safety and quality since the first glass ofCoca-Cola was poured more than 130 years ago. GMOs can be found in some of our beverages, along with hundreds of other items in the grocery store. Many of the most influential health organizations and regulatory agencies have determined GMOs to be safe. There are no negative health effects associated with GMO use. Organizations like Health Canada, the World Health Organization and the National Academy of Sciences have evaluated GMOs and have found them safe.

We support consumers’ interest in transparency and want to empower people with fact-based information that is consistent and easy to access. If any consumer has questions about the ingredients contained in a specific product, they can call 1-800-GETCOKE (438-2653). We’re also reviewing new tools for the future that would provide consumers with additional product information, from calories and sweeteners, to GMO-derived ingredients.

To learn more about GMOs and their use in food and beverages visit Health Canada.