Supply Chain Function

It’s ensuring customers everywhere stay refreshed. Operating a global business places tremendous demands on the supply chain. That’s why at The Coca-ColaCompany, you’ll find the very best people answering the call everywhere we do business.

We ensure that every link in the chain stretching from bottler to consumer is working together. We cover every aspect of supply from Procurement and Manufacturing (including Quality, Environment, Safety & Health), to Engineering and Logistics.

Day to day, this means meeting with our bottlers, with third party suppliers to discuss new products, sourcing potential third party bottlers or perhaps negotiating a contract for work on a new product with a specialized bottler. It also involves working closely with marketing and other functions within the business, aligning their strategic plans with supply chain capabilities.  

Meet Valerie Salazar and learn why she loves her job as a route process administrator for Coca-Cola.

Kind of roles you can find: Distribution and Logistics, Procurement, Equipment Services and Customer Service

Meet Mike Garcia and learn what it means to be a route checker.

Derek Eastland delivers over a million cans a week to Texas retailers.  Find out what he's proud to be a Coca-Cola truck driver.


It’s helping to quench the thirst of the world.

Creating some of the best selling beverages in the world takes some of the best technology around and some of the very best people in the business. At TheCoca-Cola Company, our Manufacturing and Maintenance teams are beyond compare. That’s why, year after year, our beverages are enjoyed by billions of people…billions of times.

Kind of roles you can find: Manufacturing, Maintenance

Technical Function

It’s making the best even better. 
Just because you’re the very best, you can’t simply stand still. At The Coca-Cola Company, we continuously strive for better ways to create our products. How can we improve our manufacturing, raw materials, packaging and more?

We not only guarantee the quality and safety of our products, we also develop new technologies, commercialize new products and handle quality issues when they do occur.

Day to day this involves writing mixing instructions, setting quality goals, developing quality improvement programs, handling crisis situations, as well as analyzing water quality and levels of CO2 and sweetener on a routine basis.

Kind of roles you can find: Engineering and Quality Assurance.

Meet Evelyn Milton, one of our quality assurance technicians, and learn what her job entails.


It’s driving the success of the one of the world’s best known brands.

Our marketing team works hard to increase our sales, market share and profit by understanding our customers, consumers and the competition. The team's knowledge and ideas help us build cohesive marketing strategies for our brands - creating maximum impact.

In marketing, every day is different. In the morning we might be working with packaging designers or creating a viral marketing campaign with an advertising agency. The afternoon could see us working with the Operations team to activate a brand plan, or running an innovation workshop for people from all areas of the business.  

Meet Aaliyah Shafiq and get a glimpse inside the daily life of a Coca-Cola brand manager.

Whatever we do, we do it as a team, combining expertise across the Region to deliver consistent marketing campaigns which are put into practice locally.

The strength of our brands is tied directly to the people behind them. It’s their ideas and innovative thinking that make The Coca-Cola Company a global powerhouse.

Kind of roles you can find: Brand Management, Creative Services, Marketing Research, Advertising, Media, Category Management, Channel and Customer Marketing, Marketing Asset Management, Promotions and Merchandising/Licensing.

Read about Joe Bellioti and Bachir Zeroual, two of our marketing directors and their very different roles.

Sales and Account Management

It’s representing The Coca-Cola Company to the world.
Millions of servings a day, billions of dollars a year.

Local operations teams put our marketing plans into practice in each of our business units. They gather valuable knowledge about the regions in which we work to make sure our brand plans are fit for purpose.

The people in our operations teams build relationships with local bottling partners and customers. They also work on communications and media relations to ensure the company's commercial objectives are met.

Each of these teams works with key people and groups across the company, combining their local knowledge with wider business intelligence. Their aim is to make centrally-coordinated plans work in the local market.

Read about Brandon M. Buchanan and the challenges and benefits of being a district sales manager.

Customer & Commercial Leaders

Help us get business results faster by promoting teamwork. Commercial leadership focuses on growing volume, share and profit by giving every market best-in-class commercial capability.

Day to day this means working with bottlers and senior level customers across different geographies - and often travelling to meet them. We manage multi-country bids and tenders, and negotiations - dealing with customers

Kind of roles you can find: Account Management, Operations Management, Network Account Management and Sales Analysis/Decision Support

Business Management 

It’s the strategy that drives our future.
Where is the next big opportunity for TheCoca-Cola Company? What will our competitors be doing next week…next year…in the next decade? Here we take on big challenges and make bold plans for the future.

Our strategic planning team provides expertise and detailed knowledge to our operations teams. It might be key market information, data about consumer trends and purchasing habits, or even developments within a particular product category. Whatever the specifics of the information, it's always accurate, useful, and essential to sustainable business growth.

Central to how we put ideas into practice, the team also helps plan and run big projects. They say knowledge is power, and at Coca-Cola the strategic planning team holds the key to a lot of that knowledge, helping us to determine which projects will provide the best return or offering evidence to support new ideas.

The evidence goes beyond the short term too. This team helps to influence where the company goes by analyzing and predicting future market trends - so we can keep building a successful business.

Kind of roles you can find: Strategic Planning, Business Development, Business Tracking & Metrics, PMO, Integrated sales & Operations Manager


The Finance team enables the business to function efficiently and effectively, providing the financial understanding on which key decisions are based. By providing accurate analysis and revealing insights, we add value to core commercial processes - our own included.

Day to day, this means we're involved in things like evaluating the economic viability of a product innovation, undertaking financial planning, forecasting a brand's financial results or analyzing sales performance by channel.

Kind of roles you can find: Accounting, Financial Analysis, Audit, Business Development, Tax and Treasury

Public Affairs & Communications

Communications play a vital role at The Coca-Cola Company, supporting sustainable business growth by influencing opinion among consumers and other stakeholders right across the Globe. As the Buisiness Units/ Regions communications specialists, we convey the core messages about our brands and our programmes, both internally and externally.

In practice this involves talking to government, consumers, employees, the industry and opinion formers about our company story. Day to day we get involved - amongst other things - in community projects, PET recycling schemes, the Live Positively campaign and communicating the benefits of our beverages.

Learn how April Crow makes a difference in her role as a global sustainability director for packaging.

Kind of roles you can find: Internal Communications, Public Affairs, Sustainability, Digital Communications, and Foundation.

Learn what it's like to be a guide at the World of Coca-Cola.

Human Resources

HR put in place the policies, practices and procedures that ensure we have the right people in the right places to implement our overall business strategy. Recruitment, succession planning, career mobility and development, as well as our working environment, our culture and compensation and benefits all fall within our remit.

On any given day this might mean consulting with managers around the business about their recruitment needs, learning about critical gaps within the business and planning how to fill them. Practical change management features heavily too and sometimes this means facilitating workshops and forums. Project management takes up some of our time - seeing that HR projects are running to time and budget.

Kind of roles you can find: Buisiness Partner, Talent Acquisition, Talent & Development, Compensation and Benefits, Mobility, Employee Relations, Workplace & Support Services.


Our Legal team supports us by advising on foreign investment, employee contracts, trademarks, and more. They liaise with bottlers and work closely with Marketing and Media.

Our expert counsel to the Company covers - among other things - new product development and launches, agreements and negotiations with customers. Day to day our legal people work with the marketing team, helping them stay creative - but within legal boundaries. They approve all the print on every label of every product and help to write the promotion marketing that runs alongside many of our campaigns. And crucially, spend time protecting our most valuable asset: our brands.

Kind of roles you can find: Counsel, Attorney, Legal analyst

Information Technology

IT provides the world-class systems and infrastructure that optimize our business processes, deliver the right information for decision-making, drive business innovation, and mitigate enterprise risks.

Day to day, this means helping the digital marketing team bring their ideas to life, working with customers like Metro and Carrefour on data scanning systems and testing and deploying desktop and collaboration tools like Blackberry and Webex. We also work with our bottlers, developing systems for gathering volume and revenue data.

Kind of roles you can find: Application Development and Support, Operations, IT Architecture, Infrastructure Systems Support, Network Management, Business Systems Planning, SAP, Database Management and Technical Training.

Business/Administrative Services

It’s the business of running our business. 
It takes thousands of people working together to keep our multi-billion dollar operation running smoothly.

At The Coca-Cola Company, we know just how valuable your efforts are to our continued success. That’s why we offer opportunities that recognize your contributions and reward your efforts.

Kind of roles you can find: Administration, Facilities Management, Presentation Graphics and Archives/Records Maintenance.


It's creating the best of the best.

The Coca-Cola Company is a truly global company, and we operate in over 200 countries around the world. From Atlanta to London to Bangkok to Santiago, our people make a difference everywhere we work.

Here we have the opportunity to make a difference and create ways to connect our executives, guests and others around the world in an expeditious, safe and comfortable manner. We never stop looking for the best and the brightest.

Kind of roles: Aviation Dispatcher, Pilots, Sr Flight Attend Purser, First Officer

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