When did Coca-Cola first arrive in Canada? | FAQ | Coca-Cola Canada

An old photo of Canada's first Coca-Cola bottling facility in the 1900s

Coca-Cola arrived in Canada over 120 years ago, in 1897 when the nation was just 30 years old.

Coca-Cola had entered the bottling age in 1899 and by 1905, the company decided the demand from America’s northern neighbour was enough for it to start bottling the drink in Canada as well, using syrup from the United States. 

In October 1095, the company applied to register the Coca-Cola trademark in Canada, and for $5,000, set up a small factory at 65 Bellwoods Avenue in Toronto, Ontario near Trinity Bellwoods Park. The trademark registration was granted in November and in January 1906, the plant was up and running.

This marked the first time Coca-Cola was bottling anywhere outside of the United States.