TORONTO, JULY 11, 2016 —Gratitude Bag, a community-based, volunteer initiative, is back for another summer in support of Daily Bread Food Bank. Now in its third year, Gratitude Bag, with the support of Coca-Cola Canada, today launched a competition to see which neighbourhood in Toronto can donate the most non-perishable food using the Gratitude Bag program.

“Coca-Cola Canada is pleased to support Gratitude Bag, a simple but innovative way to make it easy for people across Toronto to support Daily Bread Food Bank in the summer months,” said Christian Polge, President, Coca-Cola Ltd. “Many of us have extra food in our pantries, so why not fill the Gratitude Bag if it comes to your door and do your part to help fight hunger in our city?”

“Three summers ago, Gratitude Bag began as a neighbourhood initiative in Riverdale,” explained Daily Bread Food Bank CEO Gail Nyberg. “As we helped facilitate donation pick-ups from fire halls across the city, we were so pleased to see the uptake in the community. Gratitude Bag helps fill our need for food donations in the summer, and we are pleased to see the initiative expanding this summer across the city with a bit of healthy competition between our neighbourhoods.”

“Poverty and hunger don’t stop for the summer,” said Gratitude Bag founder Grant Gordon. “Hunger is a real, moral dilemma across our city, and until a long-term solution to this problem is found, Gratitude Bag helps bridge the short-term problem of food bank donations slowing down in the summer months. This is our third summer taking food drives straight to peoples’ doors, and we are glad of the support from Coca-Cola, and eager for more corporations to help support our volunteer efforts.”

Gratitude Bag
(Left to right) City Councillor Paula Fletcher, Daily Bread Food Bank CEO Gail Nyberg, Gratitude Bag founder Grant Gordon, Coca-Cola Ltd. president Christian Polge and Platoon Chief Dan Sell, Toronto Fire Services attended the campaign launch this morning at Withrow Park in Riverdale.


About the Gratitude Bag initiative:

Food banks in Toronto receive more than one million visits every year. During the summer months, food donations slow down, but the need for food remains the same. To help address this, Gratitude Bag works with Daily Bread Food Bank to collect food donations in an innovative and creative way. Gratitude Bag identifies neighbourhoods throughout Toronto and targets one neighbourhood per week throughout the summer to collect donations by leaving the “gratitude bag” at the doorstep. The day before the pick-up, households receive a door hanger letting them know about the campaign and how to participate. The morning of the pick-up, households receive a reusable bag on their doorstep for them to fill up with non-perishable food. That evening, the bags are collected by volunteers and delivered to Daily Bread Food Bank. 

Since 2014 Gratitude Bag has now collected an estimated 30 tonnes of food.


Jonathan Scott

Consultant, Key Gordon Communications Inc.

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