Queen Victoria is the reigning monarch, Sir Wilfrid Laurier is the Prime Minister and there are only seven provinces.

Canada on Canada Day in 1897 would be completely unrecognizable to most of us (in fact it wasn’t even called Canada Day until 1982).

There would be at least one familiar sight for the modern Canadian however: the unmistakable Spencerian script of the Coca-Cola logo. That’s because for at least 121 years, Canadians from coast to coast have turned to Coca-Cola to stay refreshed.

From the first Coca-Cola bottling plant outside the United States in Toronto in 1906 to announcing our new $85 million production facility in Peterborough this month, Coca-Cola Canada is fiercely proud of its deep roots here at home.

To celebrate 151 years of Canada, we’ve dug deep into our archives and found some very cool vintage Canadian Coca-Cola advertisements. Take a look at the gallery below and see how Canada and Coca-Cola have grown together over the decades.

Take care and happy Canada Day from everyone here at Coca-Cola Canada!