Celebrating International Women’s Day, it is important to remember why female empowerment is so vital. Put simply– when women succeed, their communities succeed. The positive ripple that empowering a single woman creates has been proven time and time again to be enormous.

As a global enterprise with deep roots in the communities it serves, The Coca-Cola Company is committed to doing its part to make those communities stronger. That’s why in 2010 Coca-Cola announced its 5by20 initiative which aims to empower 5 million women entrepreneurs by 2020.

Here at home, the road to empowering women has seen Coca-Cola Canada collaborate with some incredible partners to achieve some amazing things. Here are just a few of the projects Coca-Cola has proudly supported:


To help reach its 5by20 goal, Coca-Cola Canada has partnered with Mompreneurs Momentum Enterprise of Canada. Mompreneurs connects female entrepreneurs across Canada while also advocating for women in business at all levels of government. Through their not-for-profit arm, Momentum, Mompreneurs has partnered with Coca-Cola to provide educational resources to a network of thousands of Canadian women so they can launch and grow successful businesses.


A recent report estimates that as few as 4.5% of skilled trade workers in Canada are women; while the factors behind this underrepresentation are complex, the outcome is not. A lack of visible tradeswomen has resulted in a vicious cycle where women are discouraged from entering the field creating a shortage of qualified talent. Determined to help break the cycle, Coca-Cola Canada and Unifor, Canada’s largest private sector union, collaborated to encourage and support women interested in entering the skilled trades. Over the last two years Coca-Cola Canada and Unifor have provided a total of 50 new scholarships for women enrolled in skilled trade programs at Sheridan College and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.


As part of the Canada 150 celebrations in Ottawa, Equal Voice, a multi-partisan group dedicated to equal representation of women in government, organized Daughters of the Vote which Coca-Cola Canada was proud to sponsor. In addition to being the 150th anniversary of Confederation, 2017 was also the 100th anniversary of limited women’s enfranchisement in Canada. To celebrate this milestone, 338 young women from across the country attended a special sitting in the House of Commons while discussing the issues that matter to them. Coca-Cola believes that equipping and inspiring a new generation of politically engaged women is an important element of empowering women.

As a company that employs 6,200 men and women in more than 50 facilities across the country, Coca-Cola Canada knows that local businesses play an essential role in their communities. By the end of 2017, 5by20 programs have helped 2.4 million women in 75 countries overcome barriers to open and develop thriving local businesses. By supporting these women entrepreneurs who serve the needs of their communities, Coca-Cola hopes to strengthen those local bonds both in Canada and around the world.