Today is Administrative Professionals' Day– an opportunity to celebrate the people that get things done to keep an organization running smoothly.

Great administrative professionals are essential to a thriving office, they make an operation seamless in ways that can sometimes go unnoticed.

Now we may be a little biased but we like to think that the administrative professionals we have here at Coca-Cola Canada are the best in the business. To show off this amazingly talented group, we recently asked them to share some of their sage advice with us.

What we got back was an assortment of professional and practical office hacks that can only come with years of experience that we’d like to share.

Enjoy and cheers to all the administrative professionals out there!


1) "Get prepared for Monday on Friday..."

"I know, no one wants to be thinking about the next week when Friday arrives... but admins need to always be thinking one step ahead so taking time to clean our your mailbox or make a short to-do list will help you get your next week off to a great start." - Laura Ponich, Executive Assistant in Calgary

2) "Join an office committee and volunteer..."

"Here at Coke we have groups like Women's LINC and the Asian Business Resources Group which are a lot of fun and a good chance to meet new people and network." - Kristin Reyes, Executive Assistant in Toronto

3) "Start your day with a 'good morning' and a smile on your face..."

"So what if you don't know the person you bump into in the morning! A simple greeting will brighten up their day... it's also a good opportunity to meet a new colleague and start up a conversation." - Kristin Reyes

4) "Start your day with a clear desk and a clear mind..."

"... and make to-do lists to keep your day organized. It doesn't take long for new things to crop up that leave you thrown off track." - Laurie Andrechuk, Execuitve Assistant in Toronto

5) "Every time you hear a new acronym, make a note and find out what it stands for..."

"Especially here at Coca-Cola we have acronyms for everything. Knowing what they all mean will help you do your job, plus you can help new employees who are still trying to figure out what it all means." - Judith Bandelj, Executive Assistant in Toronto

6) "A simple and easy way to save time down the road: colour code your calendar..."

"I know it may sound a bit obsessive but using different colours for different types of meetings lets me and my executives identify what is coming up at a glance. I've even started doing it for my own meetings." - Sandrea Hayes, Execuitive Assistant in Toronto