Kavitha Krishnamurthy has had a career trajectory not typical to most Canadians: Student. Professional tennis player. Coca-Cola employee.

And now, role model.

Krishnamurthy, Senior Manager, Performance Intelligence at Coca-Cola Canada, was selected by Mattel to be part of Barbie’s exclusive program in partnership with Toys “R” Us Canada. The campaign profiles real women and girls who show every day that You Can Be Anything.

Krishnamurthy was chosen to be part of that story.

“I think it’s an awesome way to spotlight these women,” Krishnamurthy shared. “I was selected because of my professional tennis career but there are other women and girls across Canada who are doing fascinating things for their communities.”

“I’m incredibly proud to be part of something that empowers women and inspires the next generation.”

Krishnamurthy was a professional tennis player for four years after she graduated from college in 2003. She was a four-time National Champion and a top NCAA athlete for Princeton. She also played in a multitude of professional tournaments, including the Rogers Cup and Wimbledon, the U.S Open and the Australian Open as a junior.

Her passion for tennis fueled her drive and ambition; it taught her valuable leadership skills, which led to a job at Coca-Cola and now she’s become a role model for young women in Canada.  

When asked about the impact of this campaign, Krishnamurthy spoke on the importance of having positive female role models in communities. To her, amplifying real women doing real things is what makes a difference.

“It’s really important to have somebody that seems like you in some way,” she said. “The more women that we can promote and share their stories, the better it is for everyone.

Krishnamurthy’s profile was displayed on digital boards in Toys “R” Us stores across Canada and was featured in several social media channels.

Coca-Cola Canada is proud to support Krishnamurthy as she participates in such a powerful movement.