Meet the Simpsons – that is, the Coca-Cola Simpsons.

Often at work, there are those colleagues who feel like family; but for the Simpsons, their colleagues truly are family. Todd, Micki, Matt and Lucas Simpson all report into Coca-Cola each day in their own unique way.

It began with Todd, Micki’s husband, and Matt and Lucas’ father. He started as a part-time employee in a Kitchener, Ontario bottling plant back in October, 1978. The memories of the building and smell of trucks and syrup-soaked wooden shelves are still fresh in his mind. “I thought then that I had the greatest job I would ever have,” Simpson says, “and since then, I’ve never really considered doing anything else.”

For the next four decades, Todd tackled a dozen roles throughout the organization, from his first full-time position as Night Warehouse Foreman in 1981 to his current appointment as Director of Direct-to-Store Delivery Planning and Logistics Services for all of Canada. Throughout his career, his three children, Matt, Kelsey and Lucas, learned about the soft drink business by osmosis through their father.

By 1999, Todd was working as a Support Services Manager in Guelph when he met Micki Leger, then Market Unit Finance Manager. The two hit it off and eventually married. Today, Micki Leger-Simpson supports the National Retail Sales organization as Director of Customer Development and she and Todd recently celebrated 15 years of marriage. 

For his sons, Matt and Lucas, “I think it seemed natural,” Todd says. Matt started in a part-time role with Coca-Cola in 2009 while still in school, just like his father had done 33 years earlier. With seven years under his belt, Matt is now a Warehouse Supervisor at the Hamilton Distribution Centre. His younger brother, Lucas, started his Coke career in a temporary role as an Inventory Auditor. It was during a labour disruption in 2013 that Lucas, while waiting for a bus, offered up his help to the Human Resources team.  He made such a favourable impression that he was hired into his current role as Project Manager of in Human Resources.

While their jobs don’t coincide every day, Todd notes that it was a career highlight to recently engage every member of his family on a project. It was a standard practice for Todd, but in this case, he was able to call in Micki for sales support, Lucas as the HR lead and Matt to provide support on the ground. “We all work hard to establish ourselves individually at work,” Todd explains. Though, he adds, “I was silently proud to have the support of my family/co-workers along the way.”