Coca-Cola’s answer to summer is back with the return of ‘Play a Coke’, and it’s better than ever! Entering its second year, ‘Play a Coke’ will once again allow Canadians to build the soundtrack to their summer, one refreshing ice-cold Coca-Cola at a time.

Starting this month, ‘Play a Coke’ will again turn specially marked 500 mL bottles of Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Coca-Cola Life and Diet Coke into Spotify playlists that capture the essence of those special summer moments. From setting the mood for lazy afternoons with “Dock Life” to celebrating the Maple Leaf loud and proud with “Canada Strong”, the ‘Play a Coke’ app will put 189 specially curated Spotify playlists at your fingertips.

“The ‘Play a Coke’ program was a massive success last year,” says Michael Samoszewski, Vice President, Marketing, Coca-Cola Ltd.  “I think a big part of that success is that music – like Coca-Cola – has the ability to connect people through the power of shared experiences. That’s why this summer is going to be even better because with events like Canada’s 150th birthday coming up, there’s a lot for Canadians to celebrate together.”

Also for the first time ever Sprite will be joining in on the fun with its own unique playlists for moments when you’re “Feeling Untouchable” and “Keeping it 100”.  Samoszewski adds he’s very excited that Sprite will be part of this year’s program, saying “Sprite has such a distinct voice that it really gave us a lot of opportunities when developing Spotify playlists with Sprite drinkers in mind.”

A Canadian original, the ‘Play a Coke’ app uses augmented reality to bring the Spotify playlist you unlock to life, allowing you to skip between songs with literally the flick of a wrist. To start collecting playlists, simply download the free ‘Play a Coke’ app for your smartphone, select the Coca-Cola or Sprite you’d like to scan and line up the playlist on the bottle with your phone’s camera. Before you know it you’ll have a selections of tunes perfectly matched to those special summer moments.

If you thought ‘Play a Coke’ was just for 500 mL bottles, watch out for the 16 million ‘Play a Coke’ fountain cups rolling out to select locations as well. Whether your idea of beating the heat is catching the latest summer blockbuster or hitting your favourite restaurant for a quick bite, keep an eye on your cup for unique playlists.

With so many new songs and places to find them, it has never been easier – or more refreshing – to find the perfect soundtrack for your summer!

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