In October 2015, Coca-Cola Canada, along with the Canadian Beverage Association and industry partners announced the Balance Calories initiative, the most ambitious initiative to date from the nation’s leading beverage companies. Together, we have set a goal to reduce the number of calories Canadians consume from non-alcoholic beverages by 20% by 2025.

The Balance Calories initiative builds on the success we have already had in reducing calories consumed from beverages. Since 2004 we have seen a 20% reduction per capita in these calories through product and packaging innovation, shaping choice and offering more low and no-calorie options.  We recognise that this trend is positive for Canadians, but project that without strong industry commitment, it will not continue. We will support our ambitious goal of a further 20% by taking specific and measurable steps including leveraging our industry’s collective strength in marketing and innovation, as well as our vast distribution networks, to increase consumer access to low and no-calorie beverages, and to promote balance and moderation.

The Conference Board of Canada, an independent and action-oriented research organization, has partnered with the Canadian Beverage Association to benchmark, monitor and verify progress of this program. 

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