Have you ever looked at that bottle or can of Coca-Cola in your hand and wondered where it came from? With a focus on sustainable practices and community engagement, #BottledHere is a new series from Coca-Cola Journey that lends a spotlight to the innovative facilities and hardworking associates who are helping to make their hometowns even better.

This inaugural edition of #BottledHere will be looking at Coca-Cola’s Calgary facility. With everything from regular volunteer opportunities to major water conservation efforts, the Calgary plant is leading the way with its unique and inventive programs!

While the current bottling facility has been in operation since 1979, Coca-Cola’s roots in the community run much deeper with a history in Calgary that stretches back over a century. The Coca-Cola associates that call Calgary home care deeply about their community and have launched a local “Ambassador” team with representatives from every department of the plant. Calgary’s Ambassador team meets regularly to plan different events like park and shoreline clean-ups as well as volunteering in support of local charities. Beyond getting involved in the community, Calgary’s associates are also making that plant one of Coca-Cola Canada’s most sustainable facilities with initiatives big and small.

One simple way Coca-Cola’s Calgary plant is reducing its environmental footprint, is by using digital signs rather than printed ones to keep associates up to date on the latest news in their area. The screens can be easily updated and are more eye catching than their analogue predecessors. In April the Calgary facility underwent a major lighting update that saw all its existing fixtures converted to high-efficiency LED lights, and it currently diverts 99% of the waste it generates from landfills. By consuming less resources and producing less waste, Coca-Cola’s Calgary plant is ensuring the legacy it leaves is a green one. In spite of all these actions however, the Calgary facility’s greatest sustainability achievement to date is arguably their accomplishments around water conservation.

As part of a larger North American effort, all Coca-Cola bottling plants in Canada are working to reduce their water-use-ratio – the amount of water required to produce one litre of beverage – to 1.5:1 by 2020. While all of the facilities in Canada are making solid progress towards this important goal, Calgary alone has managed to reach it years ahead of schedule. Through a combination of equipment upgrades and a review of existing procedures, Coca-Cola’s Calgary plant is successfully saving millions of litres of water with future plans and improvements already in the works.

Coca-Cola has always had a special relationship with the communities it operates in dating right back to its earliest days. This is especially true of the places where Coca-Cola bottling facilities are found and its beverages are made. Because behind every Coca-Cola beverage you see on the shelf, is a proud team of Coca-Cola associates who live in those communities. Our incredible associates are both the reason why and how Coca-Cola works hard to support and protect the communities in which it operates.