Thanksgiving, which started historically as the celebration of a successful harvest and the bounty that it provided, has over the decades evolved into a celebration of family and togetherness. For some it is a time of year when you feast on turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie then flop onto the couch in front of the TV. For others it is a time of year that brings loved ones together to share in the communal experience of preparing and enjoying a meal and taking a break from our busy day-to-day lives to pause, reflect and reconnect with one another.

In either instance, the common factor is sharing good food and nothing goes better with a meal than Coca-Cola, whether as a refreshing beverage or built right into the dish itself. To help you celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family, we’ve shared a fantastic recipe featuring Coca-Cola to pair with your turkey dinner; with notes of orange and spice, this gingerbread is exactly what you’ll need to warm you up on those cool fall nights.

If you try our recipe below or make Coca-Cola part of your Thanksgiving tradition in another way we’d love to see it, please share pictures with us here. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving from Coca-Cola Canada!

Gingerbread Deluxe

Serves 4 – 6



400 g Package of Gingerbread Mix


Instant Coffee

1 tbsp

Grated Orange Peel

1 tbsp

Orange Juice

1/4 cup


3/4 cup


  • Combine all ingredients. Beat vigorously with spoon until very well blended, about 1 ½ minutes.
  • Pour into 8x8x2-inch greased and floured pan. Bake in 350⁰F oven for 30 to 35 minutes or until center springs back when lightly touched (CAUTION: GINGERBREAD WILL BE HOT).
  • Cool for 10 minutes; remove from pan and set on rack. Serve as a hot bread or as a dessert with whipped topping.