Since 2005, Coca-Cola Zero has been refreshing Canadians with great Coca-Cola taste with zero sugar and zero calories. Starting this February we are relaunching Coca-Cola Zero in Canada as Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

Why Change the Name?

The decision to relaunch Coca-Cola Zero Sugar came after surveys from last year revealed that only one in ten Canadians were aware that Coca-Cola Zero contained zero sugar.  We know that Canadians want clear nutritional information when it comes to making choices about what they eat and drink. Renaming Coca-Cola Zero was an obvious step to help Canadians understand that we’re offering the delicious taste of Coca-Cola in a no sugar and no calorie option. 

For those of you who are already fans of Coca-Cola Zero– fear not! The formula of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is unchanged. You can still expect the same great taste you’ve come to know and love, just with a new look.

Also to help us celebrate the arrival of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in Canada we are releasing Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Cherry for a limited time.

Why Does It Matter?

In 2015, Coca-Cola Canada, along with the Canadian Beverage Association and our industry partners announced the Balance Calories initiative to reduce the calories Canadians consume from non-alcoholic beverages by 20% by 2025. While adding new low and no calorie beverages to our portfolio is an important part of our commitment to improving Canadians’ choices, sometimes being reintroduced to the great beverages we already serve is just as important.  The arrival of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is just the latest in Coca-Cola Canada’s ongoing effort to help Canadians make informed decisions about their sugar intake.