You’re out grabbing a bite with a couple friends and you order a spicy chicken sandwich. Though you’ve never been here before, you love spicy and your favourite food blogger has declared this sandwich the hottest in town.

Just the smell of this thing makes your eyes water, but before you can tuck into this culinary marvel of heat and flavour you have one more question to ask yourself: what do I wash this down with?

Your gut tells you to turn to the sweet lemon-lime relief of Sprite, your one friend tells you a Diet Coke is just what you need and the other swears by Barq’s to handle the heat.

What do you do?

Coca-Cola Freestyle: Your Personal Beverage Connoisseur

Fret not fearless foodies, Coca-Cola has kicked off With Food, a summer program specially designed to help you navigate dining dilemmas just like this.

Thanks to With Food the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine at your favourite participating location can now serve as a personal beverage connoisseur, helping you comb through its 100+ drink options to find the perfect mix to pair with your meal.

“Coca-Cola has such a diverse portfolio of beverages that it can be hard to showcase them all,” says Crystal Drover, Coca-Cola Freestyle Sales & Marketing Lead for Coca-Cola Ltd. “Coca-Cola Freestyle allows consumers to explore a wide selection of this portfolio and discover mixes that can make their experience completely unique. With Food takes this a step further by helping you find that perfect pairing whether you’re into sweet, spicy or savoury foods.”

Mixology Made Easy with the Coca-Cola Freestyle App

Think you can make that perfect pairing even more perfect? Download the Coca-Cola Freestyle app from your mobile app store of choice to start creating, sharing and saving your own customized mixes today. And with over 800 Coca-Cola Freestyle machines available across Canada, the Coca-Cola Freestyle app can also help you find the location nearest you!

With Food will be available on Coca-Cola Freestyle machines nationwide for your pairing needs from July until October.