Sunglasses? Check.

Driving playlist? Check.

Snacks and beverages? Check.


All together it can only mean one thing. Summer is here and it’s time for a road trip.

For some, road trips are all about the destination. For those looking for a bit more adventure in the time it takes to get from point A to B, there are roadside attractions.

Did you know that Canada is home to dozens of roadside wonders? From the grand and beautiful to the kooky and bizarre, each is a unique reflection of the community it calls home.

To help narrow the field we focused on roadside attractions that can’t be missed. In this case we mean that literally, as each of these marvels claims to be the biggest of its kind in the world.

Now get out there and celebrate Victoria Day and the unofficial start of summer by exploring your own local slice of Canadiana!


World’s Largest Hockey Stick and Puck – Duncan, BC

Since there is probably nothing more closely associated with Canada than hockey, this first attraction feels like an obvious place to start. The Cowichan Community Centre on Vancouver Island is home to the largest hockey stick and puck in the world. Built in 1985 for Expo 86, the hockey stick is over 62 metres long and weighs in at 28,118 kg.

World’s Largest Coffee Pot – Davidson, SK

On the drive between Saskatoon and Regina, you can find this roadside attraction. A striking sight on the vast Canadian Prairies, Davidson’s coffee pot stands over 7 metres tall. If filled, this gargantuan coffee pot could fill 150,000 cups in one pour!

World’s Largest Curling Rock – Arborg, MB

After hockey, you don’t get much more Canadian than curling! At 2 metres tall and 4 metres across, it would take an impressive throw to get this stone down the sheet (and forget about sweeping). This 1.5 tonne curling rock can be found outside the Arborg-Bifrost Curling Club in Arborg, Manitoba 100 km north of Winnipeg.

World’s Largest Snowman – Beardmore, ON

With winter still a vivid memory for many, the sight of a snowman with sunglasses and a fishing pole may seem like a cruel yet very friendly mirage. If you happen to be passing through Beardmore, Ontario don’t worry, you’ve just met Beardmore’s giant snowman who has been a town figure since 1960. If you aren’t near Beardmore and still seeing a giant snowman however you’re on your own.

World’s Largest Axe – Nackawic, NB

When dubbed the “Forestry Capital of Canada” Nackawic, New Brunswick did what any self-respecting Canadian town would do– it built a 22-metre-long axe to celebrate. Erected in 1991, this monument pays tribute to the vital role that the forestry industry played in the history of the town and today hosts bands and festivals throughout the year. Fun fact: the blade is made of solid steel and even features a time capsule buried within!

World’s Largest Fiddle – Sydney, NS

Lighthouses are over rated! In Sydney on Cape Breton Island they welcome boats to the harbour with an 18-metre-tall fiddle (and yes, it’s lit up at night). Officially named FIDHEAL MHOR A’ CEILIDH or Big Fiddle of the Ceilidh, this enormous fiddle was unveiled in 2005 to celebrate the region’s rich Celtic culture.

World’s Largest Egg Beater – Lauretta, PEI

Last but certainly not least, if you find yourself in the Maritimes exploring beautiful Prince Edward Island, consider heading an hour north of Summerside to Lauretta. There you will find a true certified world record holder: the world’s largest egg beater! Built in 2005 by PEI folk artist Kerras Jeffery, this culinary curiosity measures in at over 4 metres tall and 1 metre wide.


Planning your own road trip for the May Long Weekend? Share a picture of wherever your adventure takes you with us here!