There is no celebration in any province that quite equals the magic of Fête Nationale in Quebec!

Now celebrating its 183rd anniversary, this incredible two-day event celebrates Quebec’s history and culture with bonfires, concerts, parades and feasts held across the province. While the holiday is a proud tradition in Quebec, Fête Nationale has come a long way since its beginnings as a Roman Catholic celebration of the summer solstice.

First introduced to New France in 1646, Saint-Jean Baptiste Day would remain a strictly religious event until 1834 when Patriote Ludger Duvernay began promoting the celebration as a national holiday for French Canadians. The idea caught the public’s imagination and on June 24, 1843 Montreal held its first Saint-Jean Baptiste Day parade– an event that would go on to become a key part of the Fête Nationale celebrations.

Coca-Cola Canada has been a proud member of the Quebec community since we opened our first bottling plant in the province on rue Aylmer and rue Sherbrooke in Montreal back in 1909. In addition to bottling beverages right here in Quebec, Coca-Cola has also been fortunate enough to play a role in some of the events that have mattered most to Quebeckers over the years. Fête Nationale is no exception and Coca-Cola Journey is happy to share some of the great events Coca-Cola Canada is helping bring to life.

We start of course with the big event that kicks off the festivities: Le Grand spectacle. Coca-Cola Canada is excited to share that they are the official presenting partner for this year’s Grand spectacle de Montreal. Together with some of the biggest names in Quebec music, Coca-Cola Canada is looking forward to an evening celebrating Quebec’s history and language through song with over 100,000 music lovers!

Coca-Cola Canada is also sponsoring Le Défilé de la Fête Nationale à Montréal on June 24th. The parade runs along la rue Saint-Denis for over 2.4 kms and will feature 1,600 participants presenting 15 unique floats that tell the story of Quebec, starting with its original First Nations inhabitants to the great figures of Quebec history, right up to the present day.

Since 1834, Fête Nationale has inspired and united the province in a way no other holiday has come close to matching. Each year Quebeckers from all backgrounds come together to welcome the summer, show their pride and celebrate just how wonderful a place ‘la belle province’ is. With roots dating back more than a century, Coca-Cola Canada counts itself as a part of the Quebec community and is deeply honoured to help Quebeckers celebrate their day!

Happy Saint-Jean Baptiste Quebec!

For more information on le Grand spectacle or le Défilé de la Fête Nationale à Montréal, please visit the official site of Fête Nationale in Montreal here.