Organic. Fair trade. Just a Tad Sweet.

These aren’t just buzzwords – they’re describing the newest beverage launching in Coca-Cola Canada’s portfolio.

Introducing: Honest Tea.

After an overwhelming success as the top-selling organic bottled tea in the US, Honest Tea officially launched in Canada this past August, making it Coca-Cola Canada’s first organic tea.

Honest Tea positions itself as the perfect beverage option for those who want a great-tasting, and refreshing real-brewed, organic tea.

The launch of Honest Tea brings three flavours to Canada: Peach Oo-La-Long Black Tea, Moroccan Mint Green Tea, and Lemon Grove Maple Black Tea. All flavours are Fair Trade Certified™, lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar, agave syrup, maple syrup, honey or fruit purée, and contain 35-60 calories per 473 mL bottle.

The brand joins other great-tasting, ready- to-drink teas offered in Canada alongside Nestea, Peace Tea and Gold Peak Tea. Honest Tea also builds on the trademark’s first foray into Canada last year with the launch of Honest Kids, a line-up of low-sugar and low-calorie organic juice drinks for kids.

Honest was built out of thirst for a delicious but less sweet tasting beverage option, and continues that mission by promoting health and wellness, reducing their environmental footprint, creating economic opportunity for farmers, and democratizing organics.

Their values are one of the many reasons why to the decision was made to bring the brand over to Canada.

“It’s actually a perfect brand for Coca-Cola Canada,” said Michael Samoszewski, Vice President of Marketing at Coca-Cola Ltd. in Canada. “This is our first organic brand and it complements our growing portfolio as we offer more and more drink varieties to Canadians.”

The story of Honest Tea goes back to the 1990s when Seth Goldman, co-founder of Honest Tea, was exploring ways to make a delicious but less sweet tasting drink. He connected with his former Yale School of Management Professor, Barry Nalebuff, who shared the same passion and had recently returned from researching tea in India.

The duo launched Honest Tea from Seth’s kitchen in Maryland, USA and began a dedicated mission to democratize organics and make a positive impact on communities with every Honest beverage sold.

After 10 years of notable growth, The Coca-Cola Company invested a minority stake in Honest and acquired the company in 2011.

“Our company was built on the principles of authentic taste and transparent sourcing,” said Goldman. “Honest Tea is designed to deliver a light, “just a tad sweet” taste while relying on an organic and Fair Trade certified supply chain.”

Every Honest Tea beverage is made with Canada Organic ingredients, meaning they are grown without unauthorized chemical pesticides or fertilizers, genetically modified organisms and irradiation.

Additionally, all teas are Fair Trade Certified™, which means on top of the market price, Honest Tea pays a premium that goes directly back to the farmers. This helps farmers and workers invest in themselves, their farms and their communities for generations to come.

Today, Honest Tea has paid more than $2 million in its supplier partners through Fair Trade premiums. These funds have been reinvested back into supplier communities, addressing critical needs, such as clean water, schools, healthcare and vital farming equipment.

“We set out to create a brand that offers something bigger than tea, and we are continuously striving to live up to our mission,” Goldman added. “We’re about connecting people to nature, offering them healthier drinks and having a positive impact on our supplier communities.”

“And we’re so excited to bring Honest Tea to Canada.  It’s clear this is a market where consumers understand the impact their purchasing decisions have on their personal health and the health of the planet." 

You can find Honest Tea in several key health and specialty stores across the country, including Longos,  Georgia Main Food Group, Nature’s Emporium, and Pusateri’s Fine Foods, with more to come including the organic aisle of your local grocery store.