In his latest partnership with Coca-Cola, Jason Derulo, speaks out about bringing the power of play to underprivileged youth globally through the #PassTheHappiness campaign.

As the voice behind the Coca-Cola Anthem for the 2018 FIFA World Cup – "Colors" – Derulo was the natural choice as spokesperson for Coca-Cola’s latest FIFA World Cup initiative.  Presented in partnership with Walmart International, #PassTheHappiness ties together the message of “Colors” with the spirit of social responsibility.

 “This is a great opportunity to give back, not only to my home country of Haiti, but to teenagers around the world,” Derulo says, juggling a One World FutbolTM at his home outside Los Angeles. "This ball is amazing.”

The One World Futbol, created by One World Play Project, never needs a pump and never goes flat. It's designed to withstand the toughest playing conditions in the world. For teenagers living in challenging environments, the unpoppable One World Futbol ensures a game never ends early due to faulty equipment.

Through the #PassTheHappiness campaign, Coca-Cola, Walmart International and social impact company One World Play Project are teaming up to provide custom branded, One World Futbols to youth living in disadvantaged communities worldwide. 

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia tournament happening this summer, fans in 14 countries including Canada are invited to recognize this global event as an opportunity to make a difference.

Starting today, whenever you buy participating Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Fresca, Powerade, Nestea, vitaminwater and Dasani beverages at your local Walmart, you’ll be helping Coca-Cola and Walmart donate up to 9,000 One World Futbols to youth in need.

 “As two of the most inclusive brands on the planet, Coke and Walmart are leveraging the 2018 FIFA World Cup occasion to provide consumers the opportunity to give back while stocking up for games time,” said James Beck, Global Walmart Marketing Director for Coca-Cola.

“We are excited to partner with Jason, our global music influencer, to drive home the message spoken in the lyrics of his song 'Colors' where fans are encouraged to show their true colours," Beck continued. "There is an inherent connection between his message and the beauty of giving back. We could not be more proud.”

As fans across the world raise their flags and represent their countries in celebration of the World Cup this summer, the #PassTheHappiness campaign invites them to celebrate their beloved sport as a force for social good.

#PassTheHappiness is launching in Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Chile, China, Japan and South Africa.

If you are not in a participating location and would like more information on how to support this important cause, visit One World Play Project.