Conserving nature’s essential ingredient Coca-Cola joins forces with Ducks Unlimited Canada for clean water 

It’s the simplest but most powerful equation on the planet: water = life. Water is found everywhere on Earth, from stately glaciers to quiet marshes and countless lakes, rivers, creeks and streams. Wherever it flows, life exists, flourishes and is renewed. But despite a seeming abundance, fresh water is finite. Ensuring it remains clean and safe is a responsibility we all share. 

Not only is water an essential ingredient in Coca-Cola’s iconic beverage, it’s also critical to the health and economic prosperity of the communities Coca-Cola serves. That’s why The Coca-Cola Foundation has teamed up with Ducks Unlimited Canada to do its part for conservation.

Ducks Unlimited Canada has been safeguarding water resources since its inception back in 1938. A leading conservation organization, Ducks Unlimited Canada’s focus is wetlands. These marshes, ponds and bogs are among the most important ecosystems on Earth, playing an essential role in keeping water that flows all across the country clean and safe. 

Clean water starts with healthy wetlands. Here’s why:

1. Wetlands are powerful filters

Wetlands are natural filters that trap and hold sediment and pollutants before they reach our lakes, rivers and streams. This helps prevent harmful algae blooms. 

2. Wetlands help prevent flooding

Wetlands are like giant sponges, trapping surface water, rain and snowmelt. They also slow the movement of floodwater, allowing it to enter rivers and streams at a slower, less destructive pace.

3. Wetlands help fight climate change

Wetlands store carbon in the form of plants, keeping it from being released into the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide.  

4. Wetlands recharge groundwater

Surface water is collected in wetlands before it penetrates down through the soil. This helps maintain the quality of groundwater that contributes to drinking water and irrigation sources.

Despite all they do, wetlands are disappearing. As many as 80 acres are lost every day in Canada—the equivalent of 45 soccer fields. By making a $100,000 gift to Ducks Unlimited Canada, The Coca-Cola Foundation has helped conserve 121 acres of wetlands in Prairie Canada. In turn, these acres represent 121 million litres of water stored on the landscape – one million litres per acre. 

The next generation deserves clean water, delivered by healthy wetlands. Together, Coca-Cola and Ducks Unlimited Canada are conserving nature’s essential and life-giving ingredient.