In 2015, The Coca-Cola Foundation partnered with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) to conserve a vital resource: freshwater. 

Their Mission: Protecting Natural Areas across Canada

NCC is Canada’s leading not-for-profit, private conservation organization, working to protect our most important natural areas and the plants and animals they sustain.

Since 1962, NCC and its supporters have protected 2.8 million acres (more than 1.1 million hectares) of ecologically significant land across Canada.  By investing in conservation efforts, they are ensuring that our natural world remains a home for wildlife, a haven for recreation and a vital resource that cleans the air we breathe and the water we drink.  Through our partnership, NCC works to safeguard our natural areas so that our children and grandchildren will have the chance to enjoy them. 

Over one-quarter of Canada is covered with freshwater lakes, rivers and wetlands, and we have an obligation to protect these natural spaces. NCC has protected over 3,100 km of rivers and streams, 1,755 km of lakeshores, 59,000 ha of wetland and 40,000 ha of lakes and ponds. These freshwater habitats are important for nature, and support the health and well-being of local communities. 

Water Conservation in Action: The Bow River Watershed, Alberta

Together, The Coca-Cola Foundation and NCC are improving the health of Alberta’s Bow River. With support from Coca-Cola, NCC is improving the health of grasslands, riverbanks, and streams in this watershed, to help hold floodwaters and improve water quality. This work benefits the fish and wildlife that live in the Bow River, and over one million Canadians living in the city of Calgary. 

Through this partnership, NCC is:

  • Improving the health of over 1,000 acres of land, by restoring native grasslands and reducing water run-off.
  • Replenishing over 82 million litres of water per year into the natural environment.

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