“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

As the world’s largest beverage company, The Coca-Cola Company is privileged to be in a position to effect real change. With its global presence, Coca-Cola has collaborated with partners on big projects like streamlining the delivery of vital medicines in Africa or smaller ones like developing sustainable agricultural practices with local mango farms in India. Big or small, the successes Coca-Cola has had would not have been possible without its partners.

Of course simply collaborating is no guarantee of success either, it is essential that everyone is agreed on what is the ultimate goal. Here in Canada, Coca-Cola Refreshments (CCR) and The Minute Maid Company (TMMC) are making sustainability a part of how they do business by working with innovative suppliers that share their vision for the future. To support this forward-thinking mindset, CCR and TMMC launched the Supplier of the Year Awards last year. This event provides an opportunity to not only celebrate both companies’ most valuable suppliers, but also have an open conversation on how they can all do more together.

When selecting partners to recognize at the Supplier of the Year Award, CCR and TMMC’s  procurement teams consider many different factors, including cost. While many may assume that cost would come at the expense of innovation or suitability, the opposite is often the case. Many times the efficiencies that are found reduce raw material needs or limit unnecessary transportation which results in both financial and environmental benefits.

One example from this year’s event was a beverage lids supplier that introduced reusable totes for deliveries to bottling facilities. By eliminating much of the shipping materials previously required, CCR, TMMC, and the partner found an innovative solution that reduced costs as well as waste. Other suppliers are working with Coca-Cola on similar initiatives like reducing emissions through smarter delivery routes, using lighter and higher quality labels that are more easily recycled or identifying ways to use less water in our bottling process.

The Supplier of the Year Award has proven itself an excellent forum to promote innovative thinking and sustainable practices. Through this collaborative effort, CCR, TMMC and its suppliers are finding new, more efficient ways to do business that result in lower costs and a reduced environmental impact. While you can make progress alone, only together can you make lasting change.

Coca-Cola Refreshments Canada Winners:

Primary Packaging Supplier of the Year


Secondary Packaging Supplier of the Year

Hammer Packaging

Innovation and Sustainability Supplier of the Year


Quality Supplier of the Year


Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) Supplier of the Year

Motion Canada

Fleet Supplier of the Year


General & Administrative Supplier of the Year


Material Marketing Services Supplier of the Year

Display Quest

Transportation Short Haul Carrier of the Year

Canada Cartage

Transportation Long Haul Carrier of the Year


The Minute Maid Company Canada Winners:

Primary Packaging Supplier of the Year


Secondary Packaging Supplier of the Year


Innovation & Sustainability Supplier of the Year


Minute Maid Transportation Short Haul Carriers of the Year

Rolls Right Trucking (Western Canada)

Pinnacle Transport (Eastern Canada)

Minute Maid Transportation Long Haul Carriers of the Year

Razir Transport Services Ltd. (Western Canada)

Keltic Transportation Inc. (Eastern Canada)