Coca-Cola Canada is celebrating the Toronto Blue Jays’ home opener by adding another feather to our cap (sorry not sorry about the bird pun).

Kevin Pillar, centre fielder for the Toronto Blue Jays and 2016 Fielding Bible Award winner, has signed a partnership agreement with POWERADE for the 2017 season. Pillar will help POWERADE launch its newest flavour, Watermelon Strawberry, which will start appearing on shelves this spring for a limited time.

“I’m a guy that thrives on challenges. When I got drafted in the 32nd round, no one expected me to make it to the big leagues but I took that as a challenge, defied expectations and made it,” Pillar said. “When you’re working twice as hard as the guy next to you it sometimes feels like you hit a wall. POWERADE is something I’ve relied on to help me power through moments like that, so I was excited to join the POWERADE team. I like the fact that POWERADE is constantly reinventing itself, that the brand is innovative and always trying to be the best at what they do, similar to myself. It’s a perfect fit.”

Pillar, who has who earned the nickname “Superman” among fans for his superhuman speed and gravity-defying catches, has been with the Blue Jays since he was drafted in 2011. Since then the All-American from Cal State, Dominguez Hills has made a name for himself as one of the most exciting players in Major League Baseball and was a strong contender for an American League Golden Glove award this past season. Whether it is digging his cleats into the wall as he doggedly climbs to steal a homerun or bursting his belt buckle (this literally happened) while making a sweeping dive catch, Kevin Pillar is without a doubt one of the most determined and passionate players on an already impressive Toronto roster.

“Kevin is a rising star in major league baseball who inspires fans everywhere with his passion for the game and penchant for making spectacular plays in the outfield,” says Michael Samoszewski, Vice President, Marketing. “He has a tremendous work ethic and a fearless style of play that has earned him a loyal and growing following among baseball fans across Canada. He’s a fantastic addition to the POWERADE team.”

POWERADE’s partnership with Pillar also builds on the strong relationship Coca-Cola has had with the Toronto Blue Jays since the team’s inception in 1977. In 1993, Coca-Cola Canada paid homage to the team’s back-to-back World Series wins with a visually striking commercial that ended up becoming the team’s unofficial anthem and has been revived for the team’s playoff runs over the past two years.

“We’re really proud of the enduring relationship that Coca-Cola has had with Canada’s Team, Samoszewski shared. “Today POWERADE is the official sports drink of the Toronto Blue Jays, which only helps to make this new partnership with Kevin even more of a natural fit.”