Tucked away on bustling King Street East in downtown Toronto sits the Coca-Cola Canada Head Office. The three-story facility opened its doors in April 2013 after nearly five decades of residency on Leaside’s Overlea Boulevard. 

This certified LEED Silver building is filled with natural light, beaming in from a skylight roof in the spacious Nicola M. Kettlitz Atrium, and surrounding every work station. Great care was taken to ensure the construction process and finishes selected had as minimal an environmental impact as possible. Low-flow plumbing and smart lighting systems in offices, meeting rooms, corridors and our lunch room allow Coca-Cola to claim water and electricity consumption rate reductions of as much as 40%. Nearly all of Coca-Cola’s office equipment is Energy Star rated and much of its furniture and artwork is constructed from recycled Coca-Cola containers.

The walls are adorned with stunning bottle cap artwork, Olympic collages and colourful brand graphics. Wherever you turn, there is an element of Coca-Cola’s iconography. The passion for the brand is evident with desks filled with collections of specialty bottles and trinkets which serve as trophies of past accomplishments or milestones reached.

“We worked closely for over 2 years with our design partner Figure 3 to create an environment that reflects our brand, heritage and culture,” said Tova White, Vice President of Human Resources for Coca-Cola Refreshments. “Elements of our brands and history are found throughout the building.”

With ample meeting space throughout the open-concept office, associates can meet casually in the Coke Café, on an island near their work station, on the patio, or in one of many meeting rooms. No two meeting rooms are identical, with inscriptions of inspirational quotes on the walls and featuring either a boardroom setup or a laidback layout with couches and chairs.  

The Coke Café is a hub of the office, with a kitchen decorated in a red and white motif, with wall-to-wall refrigeration for associate lunches and for keeping Coca-Cola to a perfect 3⁰ Celsius. The Café features two Coca-Cola Freestyle machines for associates to stay refreshed with over 100 beverage options. The chairs, made of recycled Coca-Cola cans, are aptly red, silver and black. And the spacious patio off the fourth floor Coke Café is an extension of the lunchroom in the summer, complete with ample outdoor furniture, barbeques, and a cityscape view with Lake Ontario peering through the waterfront buildings. 

With a workspace this collaborative, colourful and creative, it’s no wonder that there’s such passion and happiness behind the world’s biggest brand.