This year marks our 10th anniversary of working with WWF-Canada to better our planet by protecting vulnerable habitats and wildlife species. The Coca-Cola Company has supported WWF through a variety of initiatives around the world because it believes in WWF’s mission and recognizes the vital role industry must play in securing our future.

Coca-Cola Canada began its support of WWF’s work in our Arctic ecosystems through the global Arctic Home campaign. The campaign focused on finding long-term conservation solutions for the Last Ice Area, a region in the high Arctic where summer sea ice is projected to last the longest.

With the support of Coca-Cola and many other donors, WWF-Canada has been able to make huge advances in Arctic conservation. Successes include piloting a project that helped reduce conflict between polar bears and residents of northern communities, as well as working with the Arctic Council to discuss the protection of the Last Ice Area and ensuring it remains on the radar of decision and policy makers. Through the Arctic Home Campaign, we helped WWF-Canada raise nearly $6 million to continue to preserve and protect our precious Arctic ecosystems.

This year, we are beginning to focus our partnership on conserving and restoring freshwater in Canada. Freshwater is vital resource that we all share so Coca-Cola Canada is committed to replenishing 100% of the water we use in our finished beverages by 2020. Canada is fortunate to have 20% of the world’s surface freshwater supply – but this gift also comes with a responsibility to protect that resource. Not only will this partnership focus help Coca-Cola achieve its water replenishment goal here in Canada, but it also helps WWF continue to share the importance of freshwater conservation with the public.

Read more about our water replenishment goals and our partnership with WWF-Canada here.